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Michelle loves teaching English. She has taught over 5,000 online classes and helped more than 6,000 people in-person with their English language learning.

She received a Bachelor's degree in English from the University of Exeter in Cornwall and was awarded a Trinity TESOL certificate in Barcelona. The same summer, she taught Italian teenagers in London.


She sold fine art in a gallery, was on-site manager at events in a castle, and head housekeeper at a seafront hotel. She taught English on a short course program at university in Spain, then moved to London's East End and its thriving creative scene. She worked freelance as an executive assistant at an international law firm and staffed at London's top events.

In London, she completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Social Sciences, in discourse analysis, which is the study of shared meaning-making. She attended weekly lectures in psychoanalysis. In 2013, she moved to Tokyo. She worked at one of the most prestigious private high schools in Japan. 

In Japan, her hair turned grey, she wrote a YA novel, studied photography, had singing lessons, attended fashion shows, and survived many trips to the post office. In her free time, she travelled throughout Asia for snorkelling adventures.


In 2019, she returned to the UK and stayed with family while teaching full-time online. She did professional courses in creative writing and art history, and qualified as a legal secretary. After spending lockdown indoors chatting to people in China, finding out directly what they had experienced, she moved to Italy in summer 2020.

She loves everything cinema. She researches education through a US-based university. She is working on the manuscript of a YA novel with a mentor and on short stories. 

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